Assured Features and Benefits

  • 256–bit Encryption 256–bit

    Your website will be fully protected with 256-bit SSL and 2048-bit Key Encryption.
  • Unlimited Server Licenses Unlimited Server

    Unlimited server licenses allow you to use same certificate on multiple servers.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 100% Money Back

    Our 30 days refund policy grants time to ensure your purchased product is perfect.
  • HTTPS for Google Rankings HTTPS for
    Google Rankings

    Google drives better search engine rankings to HTTPS (SSL encrypted) websites.
  • 99.99% Browsers Compatibility 99.99% Browsers

    All leading certificates are compatible & trusted by 99.99% of all major browsers.
  • 24*7 Sales and Technical Support 24*7 Sales and
    Technical Support

    Need help? Smart and pleasant support by highly skillful and technically experts.
  • Warranty Assurance Warranty

    The warranty defends the end user in the case of an SSL Certificate is mis-issued.
  • Secured Seal - Trust Mark Secured Seal
    Trust Mark

    Place secured seal on your site to maximize sales and increase customer loyalty.

Code Signing Certificates

Code signing certificate- a boon for software developers binds the digital code and scripts. Along with the assurance of code integrity, the assigned signature is used to confirm the identity of the software author. When a code is signed, it prevents users from downloading malicious code, reduce warnings and error message.

Because of piracy and theft, many sellers are selling pirated copy of the software that can harm customers. However, with code signing, customers can relax and easily find out the original code publisher and put trust the vendor completely.

Besides robust security, superior warranty, maximum platform support, streamlined security, timestamp enhance the value of code signing certificate, simple installation. Get the benefit of the best CAs at SaferCyberSSL to sign your software code. So, code developers make sure next time you develop the software code without putting off the code signing certificate.

Certificate Name SSL Type Site Seal Price Details Purchase
DigiCert Code Signing Certificates Organization Validation (OV) No Seal $ 499.00 info Buy Now